Healthy Paranoia Show 8: Hacking the Mind

Descend into the heart of darkness with Mrs. Y as she explores the topic of social engineering with Chris Hadnagy, noted expert, podcast host and author of Social Engineering: the Art of Human Hacking.apocalypse_XP

You’ll learn fun facts like:

  • The difference between persuasion and manipulation.
  • Subtle ways to influence people.
  • The secrets of facial expressions, paralinguistic cues and body language.
  • What social engineers can learn from actors.
  • How Greg Ferro is like a Koala bear.

Joining the Packetpushers on their journey investigating the hidden secrets of the mind:

  • Taylor Banks, Pentester, security entrepreneur and show favorite.
  • Ron Reck, Linguist and specialist in “big data” analytics.

Show Notes:

Definition and Techniques of Social Engineering

How To Break a Terrorist by Matthew Alexander

It’s Not All About Me by Robin Dreeke

The Power of Nonsexual Touch

The Social Engineer Toolkit (SET) with a great tutorial

Paul Ekman‘s book Telling Lies

FACE and METT training

Derbycon 2012 presentation by Chris Hadnagy, Nonverbal Human Hacking

Links to other prominent social engineers; Kevin Mitnick, Dave Kennedy (author of SET), Chris Nickerson, Chris Silvers

A Challenge For the Actor by Uta Hagen

Amy Cuddy: Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are

Determining the Impact of Eric Clapton on Music Using RDF Graphs

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