Show 36 – IPv6 Ready


Tom Hollingsworth | Twitter: @NetworkingNerd

John McManus | Twitter: @_johnmcmanus_

Greg Ferro| Twitter @etherealmind

Topic 1 – iPad 2

Apparently none of us are going to buy one, because we’ve already got one.

Topic 2 – What is Cloud Computing

Although we tire of talking about Cloud Computing, it’s seem that there is more to say. Talking about what building you own cloud is about including accounting/budgeting problems and server/networking operation problems. We also talk about the lack of bandwidth and a wide range of other topics.

Topic 3 – Catalyst 6500 Services module strategy

What’s the future of Cisco Cat6500 services modules strategy since the current modules are obviously not scaling to the future. Is the Nexus 7000 suitable for use in the Campus ?

Somehow we deviated into a discussion about the relevance of the ASR 1K/9K routers and their fit into a network design.

Topic 4 – IPv6 Ready program

A look at the program which led into a discussion around how to deploy IPv6 into an enterprise (hint: it’s doesn’t involve deploying IPv6).

Topic 5 Tech Field Day Wireless

I’ll be in San Jose for the Gestalt IT Tech Field Day. Tom Hollngswoth and Mat Norwood (regular guests on the show) are also



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