PQ Show 002 – Cisco Cloud Services Router with Prashant Shenoy – Sponsored

During Cisco Live 2012, the Cloud Services Router was announced by Cisco. We we able to convince Prashanth Shenoy, Product Manager to come and talk about what we know so far.

  • will be able to run on any Intel machine, including inside almost any hypervisor including VMware, Amazon, XEN, HyperV etc.
  • uses Cisco AppNav for WAAS support (effectively a requirement for cloud hosting).
  • integrates with your existing physical network such as DMVPN, Static IPSec, MPLS or more to provide termination of private network deep within your cloud based services.
  • support LISP and OTV for transparent service diversion between physical and cloud hosted data centres.
  • product will ship sometime in 2013.

Many listeners might note that a fully capable software version of the IOS would make a great learning tool 1388937 horsefor students and customers. Time to start talking with your Cisco Account Manager and demanding access to better testing tools using emulators.

Your hosts for the show are Ethan Banks, Greg Ferro and Derick Winkworth.

Show Notes

Product Home Page – Cisco Cloud Services Router 1000v Series

Press Release – Cisco Accelerates Businesses’ Transition to the Cloud with Innovative Cloud Connected Solution


Packet Pushers was commissioned by Cisco Data Centre and Virtualisation Business Unit to attend Cisco Live 2012 and discuss Cisco’s Software Defined Networking launch as a sponsored service. We have covered the event by recording several shows, attended briefings and more. Thanks to Cisco for sponsoring us and helping us to record and publish the content.

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