PQ Show 003 – Cisco onePK with Richard Pruss – Sponsored

Richard Pruss, a Principal Engineer in NSSTG Architecture Group of the Cisco Network Software Services Technology Group, joins Derick Winkworth, Greg Ferro and Ethan Banks in a discussion about Cisco’s onePK API strategy to enable SDN and network programmability.

What We Discuss

  • What is onePK?
  • What’s different about onePK versus SNMP?
  • How is onePK impacted by non-modular IOS?
  • On what platforms can you run onePK applications?
  • How many APIs are being released, and in what categories?
  • How did Cisco determine what IOS features to expose first?
  • onePK lets your application act like a peer routing protocol. How’s that work?
  • What’s the role of security in onePK?
  • How is onePK similar to and different from OpenFlow?
  • What programming languages have access to the onePK libraries today, and which ones are next?



Packet Pushers was commissioned by Cisco Data Centre and Virtualisation Business Unit to attend Cisco Live 2012 and discuss Cisco’s Software Defined Networking launch as a sponsored service. We have covered the event by recording several shows, attended briefings and more. Thanks to Cisco for sponsoring us and helping us to record and publish the content.

Audio Notes

At the Cisco Live 2012 show, the Packet Pushers did 2 simultaneous recordings of each show. The primary recording was done with headsets. The secondary was a “backup” using a single mic placed in the center of the conference table. In this recording, the last 3+ minutes of audio are from the backup mic.

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