PQ Show 006 – Nexus 1000V update with Han Yang – Sponsored

This podcast discusses the latest announcements at Cisco Live on the Nexus 1000V with Han Yang from including the following:

  • expanded support for Open Source Hypervisors, including Citrix XEN, KVM and others coming the in next few months.
  • REST APIs for programmable networking
  • VXLAN termination capabilities for bridging between virtual and physical VLANs in the data centre.
  • OpenStack integration.
  • Service chaining with vWAAS, vASA, vGW etc.

Show Notes

Cisco Nexus 1000V home page – http://www.cisco.com/en/US/products/ps9902/index.html

About Han Yang

Han is the Nexus 1000V Product Line Manager at Cisco who has been working on the Nexus 1000V since its early prototype stage. Prior to joining Cisco, Han was working on client hypervisors at Phoenix Technologies. Han has electrical engineering degrees from Virginia Tech, Cornell University, and Stanford University.


Packet Pushers was commissioned by Cisco Data Centre and Virtualisation Business Unit to attend Cisco Live 2012 and discuss Cisco’s Software Defined Networking launch as a sponsored service. We have covered the event by recording several shows, attended briefings and more. Thanks to Cisco for sponsoring us and helping us to record and publish the content.

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