PQ Show 009 – Cisco Nexus Deep Dive Part 2.5 – Virtual Port-Channel Concluded

Tony MattkeChris Marget, and Jeff Fry continue a discussion begun in Priority Queue Show 007 with Ethan Banks about deploying virtual port-channel technology with the Cisco Nexus 5K and 7K series of switches in this continuation of the Cisco Nexus deep-dive podcast series.

What We Discuss

  • Traffic-flow through a virtual port-channel infrastructure.
  • HSRP behavior in a vPC domain.
  • Spanning-tree convergence enhancement: both switches get to act as the same root, so if one fails the other takes over with no change to the STP topology.
  • Auto-recovery – bringing up ports in a vPC domain after a disruptive power failure.
  • ARP & other table synchronization between vPC switches.
  • vPC loop prevention algorithm – preventing traffic from going round and round.
  • LACP vs. PAgP vs. “mode on” in a vPC domain.
  • Spanning-tree notes – bridge assurance (bi-directional BPDU flow) & edge-type ports.
  • UDLD: to run, or not to run?
  • Notes on IGMP snooping: don’t disable it!
  • We mention FabricPath. You know…briefly.


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