PQ Show 010 – Cisco Virtual Symposium – Virtual Machine Networking – Sponsored

This is a recording of the Cisco Virtual Symposium on Virtual Machine Networking. This is a sponsored event that was held live on 25th July 2012.

Virtual Symposiums are where we bring a panel of people experts to have discussion about deeper concepts in networking. It’s about keeping it nerdy, technical and throwing the questions around and talking things through.

People are encouraged to ask questions and the panelists will do their best to answer them. The session is recorded and will be published to the Packet Pushers Podcast feed int he


  • NX1000V and the how software switching changes the network. And it’s extensible.
  • VM-FEX – the power Network Adapter virtualization question. ie compareing vNIC versus Virtual Ethernet interfaces. Teaming  and Adapter Failover.
  • Dynamic / Static pinning and vEthernet concepts ?
  • 802.1BR – the long play for standards to cover all of this.
  •  discuss design best practices and also looking at heterogeneous hypervisor environments.

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The standard Symposium  panel consists of Omar Sultan from Cisco, Greg Ferro (EtherealMind), Stephen Foskett (Tech Field Day), and Ivan Pepelnjack (ipSpace), then for each event we add voices who are specialist in the fields. The format is open and flowing discussion where we can air a solid discussion.

<p ><strong >Cisco Virtual Symposium 3: Virtual Machine Networking

Previously we recorded the Cisco Virtual Symposium on SDN Recorded at CLUS 2012 where we discussed the impact of SDN on networking in a roundtable and similar topics.

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