PQ Show 015 – Cisco Hybrid Switching and OnePK – Sponsored

Hybrid Switching is the next evolution in the OpenFlow/SDN market and focusses on the “How do we get from today’s network to tomorrows infrastrucutre”.

We’ve been talking about OpenFlow for some time now, and more recently the HOW of configuring OpenFlow has been discussed more and more with the title of Software Defined Networkling. To some extent, we have answers to those questions and we are moving to implementation and we realise that most networks will need to run OpenFlow, SDN and programmable networking on their existing topologies.

That’s Hybrid Switching. In this sponsored podcast from Cisco, we talk with Frank Brockners, Jan Medved and Bhushan Kanekar about this topics:

  • What is hybrid switching?
  • What are some of the problems we are looking to tackle?
  • What are some of the use cases we are seeing around hybrid?
  • What is ONF doing around hybrid?
  • What should customers be thinking about as they look up evolving their data center?
  • SNMP versus NETCONF and the need for another API. The IETF IRS is another step in this direction.
  • Hybrid is more than one control plane impacting the forwarding of the device.
  • OFCONFIG is the OpenFlow configuration protocol.
  • What should the customer ask from the Network Vendor when talking about SDN ?
  • OnePK provides the SDN platform an opportunity to put it’s own algorithms into the box.

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This show is closely related to the Show 120 – The API Layer Cake With Dave Ward and Lauren Cooney of Cisco – Sponsored where we focus on the Progammable Networking.

Get Your Build On

Show 117 ­ A Rope, a Chair and Helping Hands ­ Sue Hares and the IETF where we started a discussion on IRS in the IETF.

www.cisco.com/go/one www.cisco.com/go/getyourbuildon

Franck Brockners Bio

More on OnePK

One Platform Kit: The Power to Innovate

What if you could:

  • Reach into your network and extract the information you need, when you need it?
  • Directly manipulate flows and modify packets in real time?
  • Create customized services that transparently integrate into your network?
  • Optimize routine operational tasks with improved automation?
  • Some good videos at What Could You Do with the Power of the Network?

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