PQ – Show 13 – Impromptu Packet Party 15 July 2012

Welcome Everyone to the Packet Pushers Podcast and  we have another Packet Party. The Packet Party is intended to be an open format, live engagement event where you can ask questions and someone, maybe even us, will be able to answer your questions. This was recorded on 15 July 2012.

We want you to raise topics, events, problems, something in the news just so that we have something to talk about.

Here’s how it work. The Gotomeeting software has a “raise hand” button. If you have the ability to talk to us, via headset or computer then raise, or ask a question in the chat window and and we will call you name, then enable your microphone and we can get down to it.

This is meant to be a fun get together. We don’t have a particular agenda or topics. Lets’ take it from there.


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