PQ Show 18 – Bits is Bits-Cisco’s Michael Enescu On Open Source & Neutrality – Sponsored

Cisco contributes quite a bit of code to the open source world, and Michael Enescu, CTO for Open Source Initiatives, is just the guy to tell the Packet Pushers audience about it. In this discussion with hosts Ethan Banks and Greg Ferro, Michael discusses the what, why and how of Cisco’s open source efforts.

What We Discuss

  • The difference between “open source” and “open standards”.
  • The open source initiatives Cisco is involved with (Linux kernel, Quantum, OpenStack, etc.)
  • How Cisco functions internally when dealing with open source projects.
  • The benefits Cisco customers receive due to Cisco’s open source involvement.
  • Cisco’s track record of openness.


The Yang of Open Standards, The Yin of Open Source

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