PQ Show 20 – Open Network Foundation – FAWG Update

In this show we speak with Curt Beckmann as chairperson of Forwarding Abstractions Working Group (FAWG)  at the Open Networking Foundation. The FAWG is a vendor focussed committee that aims to bridge the art of the possible in the silicon chip manufacturing space of the network vendors and the drive to deliver new features. Silicon takes years to design test and manufacture, and the OpenFlow /SDN standards are racing to add new features.open-networking-foundation-onf-logo

The FAWG stands in the middle of that debate. Lets discuss the competing requirements and how the vendors are working to support the  current OpenFlow standards, while balancing the requirements to deliver products.

Clearing up the Fog around the FAWG – Curt’s blog post on the Open Networking.Org website.

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