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Spirent Axon: Rapid answers to the question, “Will it work?”

The average enterprise needs to do a considerable amount of verification to ensure applications and networks run Spirent_AXON_Logo_gradient_properly. However IT operations teams don’t typically have the time for complex testing setups and executions. Take for example a new video conferencing service that will allow remote employees and multiple branch offices to seamlessly connect with other staff members in virtual rooms. Before such a setup is deployed, there are many unknowns and potentially some “growing pains” such as packet loss problems and non-optimal QoE. Network engineers need a test tool that is able to perform the most complex tests, but can be configured and present results in simple terms. The typical IT operations personnel does not need or want to know all the ins and outs of the various testing methodologies (in this case IPv4 and HTTP among others), they just want to know if their configuration works, and if it doesn’t, do they have the information to find the problem quickly.

Spirent Axon is perfect for these scenarios as it enables complex tasks to be performed quickly and simply in a variety of situations.

Enterprises that are establishing VoIP, conferencing and other media-intensive services need to plan carefully. While an email can wait a few seconds for delivery, a voice or video call cannot experience excessive latency or jitter. With Axon, IT teams can ensure server installations are meeting demands, push bursts of data through voice and video applications to measure quality and lost packets, and conduct performance tests in HTTP, SIP, and other protocols, giving users quality metrics for every type of traffic.

Business communication relies on IP networks, so any source of excessive latency, packet loss or misconfiguration needs to be found. Whether the enterprise is looking at the success of a router upgrade or adding a new branch office, Axon provides the right testing at scale. By testing the transport of a network it can help IT solve issues and boost the user experience by maximizing performance – even during peak periods. It also tests site-to-site infrastructure to ensure it can manage the protocols associated with thousands of enterprise users and a multitude of ports. Site-to-site SLA’s are tested by Axon by sending maximum traffic loads to make sure network metrics fall within set ranges.

Enterprise devices such as WAN accelerators and load balancers can be tested both before and after deployment. Routers that are connected to service providers can be tested by Axon to validate DSCP or MPLS policies. Firewalls can also be stressed, as Axon can push them to the maximum advertised performance where they still block threats. Axon is an effective component in a strategy to ensure security policies are working as designed.

Axon provides the enterprise with a simple-to-use tool that allows proactive measurement of network, device, and application services. It’s an affordable and practical verification solution that delivers the power and expertise used by some of the top service providers to the enterprise networking professional. With Axon, the complex world of network and application verification, and testing is made easy!

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