Priority Queue Show 008 – Cisco and Network Programmability – Virtual Symposium

This is a recording of the Cisco Virtual Symposium on Network Programmability. This is a sponsored event that was held live on Tuesday 10th June via Webex.

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Network Programmability refers to the capability where an external application can configure including modify and update the configuration, and operationally manage network devices. In particular, we want to discuss the impact of OpenFlow and SDN on the corporate network environment. How will Network Programmability work ?

Key points that were raised in the discussion:

  • Ivan Pepelnjak doesn’t think that the OpenFlow we have today is the answer and likes Cisco approach to integration with the existing network.
  • Brent Salisbury has 5000 wireless access points on his campus and just 3 people to manage them. We need tools to be able to do that.
  • Show recorded with Ric Pruss on Cisco ‘s OnePK technology –
  • What is the opportunity to implement SDN in Enterprise or will it be used in Carrier/Service Provider networks ?

Please note that the audio is recorded from Webex so the quality is not as good as normal.


The standard Symposium  panel consists of Omar Sultan from Cisco, Greg Ferro (EtherealMind), Stephen Foskett (Tech Field Day), and Ivan Pepelnjack (ipSpace), then for each event we add voices who are specialist in the fields. The format is open and flowing discussion where we can air a solid discussion. Joining the panel will be Brad Casemore (Twilight in the Valley of the Nerds) and Brent Salisbury (NetworkStatic)

Previously we recorded the Cisco Virtual Symposium on SDN Recorded at CLUS 2012 where we discussed the impact of SDN on networking in a roundtable. This event will focus on programmability.

More Symposiums

The Virtual Symposium series continues the discussion with Cisco and this time in topic of Virtual Machine networking on July 25th from 9am to 10am Pacific Time.

Beyond our usual panel of Greg FerroSteven FoskettIvan Pepelnjak and Omar Sultan, we will be joined on the panel by Marko Milivojevic (@icemarkom), David Davis (@davidmdavis).

Cisco Virtual Symposium Logo  Virtual Networking

We have settled on the 60 min format.  The panel will share some initial thoughts, but we will devote most of the time to answering questions from the audience, either through the WebEx Q&A tool or via the #VirtSym tag so join in the fun.

Some topics that you might have questions about  include VM-FEX, 802.1BR, Security Zoning, VXLAN, mobility/migration of servers and even discussions of topics like LISP and DCI can be related. Bring those questions along and we will do our best to answer them.

To register for the Webex  go here.

Again, this is a live event please join us 0900PST/1400EST/1700BST.

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