Show 100 – Live at Network Field Day Three – Video

Network Field Day Three meant that a lot of regular guests on Packet Pushers were in the same room at the same time. And that room was full of cameras, microphones and a crew to run it!! So we recorded a Packet Pushers Live – the first ever show in video as Show 100.

That’s right – 100 shows! Two years since we started, about 6000 downloads per show and more than 50000 downloads a month.

We didn’t get much time to plan the show, so if we look a bit disorganised, that because we are. Sadly, you get to see our faces ( I wouldn’t recommend it).

Big thanks to Stephen Foskett and Network Field Day 3 for providing access to the gear and people that recorded the show for us.


Musk Sticks

Musk sticks are a popular confection in Australia and New Zealand, available from many different suppliers. Having withstood the test of time, musk sticks consist of a pink semi-soft stick, usually extruded with a ridged cross-section. Their flavour and aroma is quite floral, reminiscent of musk perfume. They are also called ‘musk sweets’ and ‘musk lollies’.

Network Field Day delegates have variously described this most Australian of confectionary as “Toilet Lollies”, “Gross” and “Revolting” since Kurt Bales brought them at a previous event. Greg eats them.

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