Show 104 – Is SDN A TRILL Killer?

Greg Ferro & Ethan Banks conclude their chat begun in Show 103 – Choking on Cookies, but take the conversation in a different direction.

What We Discuss

  • TRILL & SPB – are they competing or complimentary? Or aimed at different markets?
  • If SDN really gets a strong foothold in the marketplace because of excellent applications, what might that mean for TRILL and SPB?
  • What has Google *really* demonstrated with their OpenFlow announcement? And what does that mean for the rest of us?
  • If you buy an SDN-based “network-in-a-box” that’s a proprietary vendor solution, what happens to your skill set?
  • SDN is early right now. Can we tell where it’s going to take the industry?
  • A useful application for SDN: end-to-end flow analysis (instead of point-in-time flow analysis).
  • TRILL would pick up steam if Cisco reduced the prohibitive cost of licensing FabricPath.


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