Show 107 – Cisco Software Defined Networking Strategy with Omar Sultan – Sponsored

As part of the Packet Pushers Cisco Live 2012 Tour, we sat down with Omar Sultan to provide an overview of Cisco’s SDN Strategy. Ethan & Greg are joined by Derick Winkworth to talk about what Software Defined Networking means to us as Network Engineers.

Cisco’s SDN strategy is a complex, multi-level approach to addressing the SDN Challenge. It’s not just about OpenFlow, or controller based networking. We have a number of shows where we investigate the many aspects of this SDN approach but this is an overview of how SDN will affect our designs and work lives.

Is this a response to the popular concept of minimalist and low cost networking, or does Cisco’s approach focus on the diversity of customers that have different needs. You could be cynical and point out that Cisco is vested in maintaining it’s existing portfolio of products with complex software or you could consider the alternate view and regard these as service that Cisco can offer via an API to software controller.

So, not so much technical, but coverage of a complex topic that we will be arguing about for months to come.

Show Notes

Cisco Open Network Environment, Explained – blog post by Omar introducing the One Network Environment

Dericks overview of what SDN means to him IT Is Dead. All Hail Systems Engineering!

Greg wrote last week about Networking Vendors Should Step Up With an SDN Strategy – Cisco has brought their SDN plans to the table and are attempting, at least, to spell out all the parts that are needed.

Dave Ward from Cisco – Is it Just Software Defined Networks (SDN)? – although Dave has a Service Provider focus there is  lot of good information in here.


Packet Pushers was commissioned by Cisco Data Centre and Virtualisation Business Unit to attend Cisco Live 2012 and discuss Cisco’s Software Defined Networking launch as a sponsored service. We have covered the event by recording several shows, attended briefings and more.

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