Show 109 – Knowing Why – Cisco Certification Roundtable from CLUS 2012

In this show recorded at Cisco Live US 2012, we put mics in the middle of a big table and had a Cisco certification roundtable chat. These folks, probably all well-known to the Packet Pushers audience, offered up program updates as well as real-world advice that will help IT professionals working on certifications. Oh, and we had a lot of laughs along the way – hope you don’t mind. 😉

We  focus on the recent CCIE Security 4.0 track announcement, updates to the CCDE program, study strategies, the true benefits of IT certifications, and what the changing networking landscape means to folks who are just getting started in their networking careers. All in all, this is a fun show with practical value, some humor, and great perspective brought to the table by folks with many years of experience working in and contributing to the networking community.

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