Show 119 – Mission Impossible: Blast Radius, Part 1

In this free-for-all hootenanny, the Packet Pushers virtual workbench assembles a team of talking heads for a podcast that was so long, we had to split it into two parts. Ethan Banks accepts the impossible mission from Mrs. Y of hosting the show, and is joined by the following folks: Greg Ferro, exposer of hyperbole & fluff; Tom Hollingsworth, Kentucky-fried lie detector; Tony Bourke, part-time pilot, permanent skeptic; Kurt Bales, an Aussie who leaves no stone unturned, no kangaroo pouch unprobed; Ivan Pepelnjak, memorizer of RFCs; and the esoteric and ever dubious Mrs. Y.

What do we talk about? Why, I’m glad you asked!

  • The death of the VMware vTax. Or did they just shift the revenue source somewhere else?
  • Kurt talks about his new job and just how smitten he is with Juniper’s QFabric. And then we follow a rabbit obediently down the hole of musk sticks.
  • We pontificate about the Apple vs. Samsung ruling, and what it means for patent law.
  • VMware Fusion 5 gets discussed. Is it a trap?
  • Greg rants as only he can about the zombiefied Catalyst 6500, the switch that won’t die.
  • No one cares about IPv6. Well, okay. WE care, and we think you should too. So why is there STILL such a slow uptake? Lots of reasons, really…


Oh. So you’re probably wondering what a musk stick tastes like after our discussion on the show. Yeah…here’s a picture Tony Bourke captured of Tom Hollingsworth after he tried a musk stick. That help?

Tom Hollingsworth tries a musk stick.

Picture credit: Tony Bourke.

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