Show 121 – Tweet My Meat – Network Field Day 4

In this Network Field Day episode of the Packet Pushers, we talk about the happenings of the first two days. Because there were so many of us in the room we used a room mike and the audio isn’t great but it’s definitely worth listening to.

Discussion Topics

  • Spirent and the upcoming Axon test unit and iTest Lab management product.
  • Brocade Fabric and VCS
  • Brocade & the OpenFlow and SDN
  • Openstack and Quantum

We also covered a few news topics.

Attendees Anthony Burke @Pandom_ Bob Plankers @Plankers Brent Salisbury @NetworkStatic Chris Marget @ChrisMarget Colin McNamara @ColinMcNamara Greg Ferro @EtherealMind John Harrington @NetworkSherpa John Herbert @MrTugs Michael McNamara @mfMcNamara Paul Stewart @PacketU Tom Hollingsworth @NetworkingNerd

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