Show 122 – Mission Impossible: Blast Radius, Part 2

In this “part 2” podcast (show 119 was part 1), co-hosts Ethan Banks and Greg Ferro are joined by Tom Hollingsworth, Tony Bourke, Kurt Bales, Ivan Pepelnjak and Michele Chubirka aka Mrs. Y. As the show continues, we ramble on about the following:

What We Discuss

  • The future of WAN acceleration. Greg was writing this report and started to read up on some things, and then there were all these opinions…you know how it goes on this show.
  • Check Point’s not feeling the love from this crew. Perhaps a little warmth…the amount of heat you’d feel from a match struck six feet away. But then the discussion morphs into firewalls in general, where the heartfelt admiration of those chattering into their microphones is still really hard to find.
  • The security ramble continues into firewall management platforms, followed up by just how we should be securing virtualized environments.
  • Closing it out are some bits about overlay networks and how they are impacting data center design.

Fun show to record – we hope you enjoy!

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