Show 126 – Plexxi & Affinity Networking with Marten Terpstra – Sponsored

Boston area networking startup Plexxi parks their tour bus at the Packet Pushers studios for a chat with Ethan Banks and Greg Ferro. Plexxi’s Ethernet switch with optical ring interconnect using WDM makes a highly meshed network possible without requiring core switches. Add Plexxi’s API and controller, and the Plexxi solution allows network architects to build affinities between systems and give them special, flexible treatment across the data center. The approach is genuinely out-of-the-box thinking, and to my mind, an outstanding example what what software defined networking really looks like.

Marten Terpstra, Director of Product Management at Plexxi, brings the nerdery, talking through the Plexxi approach at both a technical and practical level.

What We Discuss

  • The Plexxi hardware solution.
  • Interconnecting Plexxi switches using WDM over an optical ring: the LightRail interface.
  • The concept of “Affinity Networking.”
  • The Plexxi software controller.
  • How a Plexxi network functions without a controller (yes, it still works).
  • Understanding the Plexxi API.
  • How traffic is forwarded through a Plexxi domain.
  • MLAG support and other practical matters.
  • Use cases.


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