Show 133 – What Makes Brocade VCS Fabrics Different – Sponsored

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Brocade’s Jon Hudson joins Greg Ferro and Ethan Banks for a introduction to Brocade VCS fabrics. VCS is the software that runs on Brocade VDX hardware, and Jon explains the basic implementation and use cases for the VCS approach.

What We Discuss

  • What Brocade is going after with VCS: automation & intelligence.
  • The ability to make hitless changes to a production VCS fabric.
  • AMPP: automatic migration of port profiles.
  • VCS integration with vCenter.
  • Brocade’s custom silicon – they make their own ASICs.
  • Brocade’s strong storage history makes for a strong storage over Ethernet fabric story today.
  • Use case #1: cloud services provider.
  • Use case #2: private clouds in the enterprise.
  • Use case #3: VDI in a health care environment.


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