Show 137 – Gartner Is Not For Sale with @Aneel Lakhani


Packet Pushers co-hosts Ethan Banks & Greg Ferro chat with Aneel Lakhani, a research director at Gartner about his job. Aneel provides an insider perspective on  how the research & analysis business works.

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Analyst firm research offerings seem to cynical network engineers like bought-and-paid-for shill pieces whose conclusions follow the money back to its source. As such, Gartner and other firms are the butt of jokes and ridicule from the CLI jockeys who make networks work every day.

Aneel is active on Twitter and interacts with a lot of networking vendors. Since we knew he worked Gartner, we wondered if he’d like to talk about what really goes on inside Gartner’s ivory towers. With Gartner’s blessing, Aneel came on the show and answered some hard questions frankly – even bluntly. Sure, Aneel doesn’t speak for all of Gartner, but we ended up with a lot of useful insight from him.

  • How does Aneel’s job work? What’s he do all day?
  • Who is a Gartner “customer”?
  • How does an analyst determine what products are interesting while avoiding bias?
  • How technically competent are Gartner analysts?
  • Most Gartner reports seems to represent the current state of affairs, but not look into the future. Why is that?
  • Why is longevity at Gartner something to be proud of?


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