Show 138 – HP’s Software-Defined Networking (SDN) Strategy and Solution

Show 138 – HP’s Software-Defined Networking (SDN) Strategy and Solution

[Written by HP.]

There has been a lot of interest in the market place recently around software-defined Networking (SDN). HP has been a leader in SDN technologies from the very beginning. HP has played an instrumental role in the development of OpenFlow and continues to lead the market. For example:

  • HP and Stanford began collaborating on Ethane—the predecessor to OpenFlow—in 2007.
  • HP OpenFlow technology has been the leading choice for researchers worldwide since 2008.
  • HP now has 29 switches that are enterprise-grade OpenFlow capable, representing the largest OpenFlow-enabled portfolio in the marketplace.

Last year, at Interop New York 2012, we announced the industry’s first complete and open-standards-based SDN technologies across all three critical SDN layers—infrastructure, control and application layers that enable enterprises and cloud providers to simplify architecture across data center, campus and branch networks.

New innovations at the infrastructure layer included additional OpenFlow-enabled switches. New innovation at the control layer is the Virtual Application Networks SDN controller that centralizes the control plane. At the application layer, we announced two SDN applications:

  • The first application is the HP Virtual Cloud Network (VCN) application that enables cloud providers to deliver automated, scalable and secure multitenant public cloud services to enterprises. Enterprises can also leverage HP VCN to gain the advantages of automation within their private clouds, while enabling secure integration of public cloud environments into their private environment.
  • The second application is the HP Sentinel Security Application. Sentinel application can stop threats before they reach your network by leveraging OpenFlow and HP TippingPoint RepDV – a cloud hosted reputation database. We demonstrated a proof-of-concept at the Interop NYC to showcase how we leverage OpenFlow to redirect client DNS queries traffic to the SDN controller, compare the URL against the RepDV and decide whether to permit or block the connection.

Since Interop, we have been hard at work on our SDN solution, so I grabbed the opportunity for our SDN experts Bryan Stiekes and Sarwar Raza to speak with you, the Packet Pushers’ audience, and share with you some of the technical details regarding our solution.

What we discussed

  • HP’s definition of SDN
  • Why we believe SDN is important
  • The application of SDN in both the Data Center & Campus
  • Our SDN products: HP Virtual Application Networks SDN Controller, Virtual Cloud Networks application and Sentinel Security application
  • HP’s Open APIs
  • HP’s leadership in OpenFlow and OpenStack

For more information

You can find more information on HP’s SDN product offerings


I would highly recommend the following:

We now have 29 models of switches with OpenFlow support. You can find an up to date list of all of our OpenFlow products here

If you can’t find what you are looking for on the website or need more information about SDN you can ask @hp_networking on Twitter. You can also reach me directly @dave_tucker or at dave[dot]j[dot]tucker[at]hp[dot]com

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