Show 139 – Making Your Way Down The Path To Nirvana

Regular hosts Greg Ferro & Ethan Banks are joined by Brandon Carroll, Josh O’Brien, and Tom Hollingsworth in Packet Pushers Weekly Show 139. We translate all the SDN hype into a more practical conversation about what network engineers should be doing to update their skills. This is a mostly raw podcast with little editing – just a bunch of people speaking their minds.

What We Discuss

  • Which vendors are the ones to watch.
  • Who the “safe bet” is.
  • What new technologies are worth paying attention to.
  • Why you can’t afford to put your head in the sand.
  • How to map new products to actual network use cases.
  • When this is all going to matter.

We recorded in a mostly quiet foyer on the 5th floor of the Radisson in San Jose, as we were gathered together for Network Field Day 5. However, there is a bit of noise from the nearby elevator and housekeeping crew doing their appointed rounds. Sorry about that…we edited out what we could.


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