Show 140 – Introduction OpenStack and Quantum Projects

OpenStack is progressively developing into a product that networking needs to be a part of. One way to describe OpenStack is to say it’s an API for infrastructure. OpenStack is a combination of open source plus a significant number of hardware vendors who see contributions to OpenStack as a way of growing or maintaining their own markets and customers.

Customers want OpenStack as an alternative to VMware or other commercial software – not all applications and service need to have expensive software licenses and maintenance. We need to be able to build a core of functional services that can deliver services.

In the future, it seems likely that OpenStack Quantum API will be important. We discuss Open Vswitch and how it’s changing from being a “switch” to including routing, firewall and load balancing features. If you don’t like that, you could consider using Quantum API as a way to consume load balancers from your preferred vendor – the API exists to simplify the consumption of network resources.

This shows has three committers, including Rob Hirschfeld and Kyle Mestery, to the OpenStack codebase who got together with Brent Salisbury to discuss the project and its future.

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