Show 141 – The Pace of Change Is Picking Up – #NFD5 Discussion

Greg Ferro and Ethan Banks of host a discussion with Dr. Peter Welcher, Brent Salisbury, and Stephen Foskett about many of the presentations from the Network Field Day 5 event held March 6-8, 2013 in San Jose, California.

The leading podcast topic was software defined networking, as that was the vendor focus during the event. Not that we didn’t talk about other stuff too…because we did. Here, look – I outlined the conversation for you. See?

What We Discussed

“I know where all the bodies are buried.”


  • Catalyst 6500 VSS Quad SSO – for the bottomless budget when you can never, ever fail.
  • NX-OS “peer-gateway” command. Does is solve the “don’t peer with a Nexus across the vPC peer-link problem”?
  • 3850 switch
    • CAPWAP tunneling in hardware
    • StackWise480 – not backwards compatible with 3750 stacking.
  • Cisco CSR – price competitive all of a sudden.


  • Use of sFlow in modeling application traffic, among other things.
  • Their idea of “affinity networking”.
  • Interesting idea not related to Plexxi as such: Should we be lookign at moving VMs to specific clusters instead of tunneling between VMs to optimize traffic patterns?


  • What does the Vyatta acquisition mean for them?
  • Brocade’s OpenFlow-centric conversations.
  • Internet2 100G SDN network Brocade participates in.
  • David Meyer’s chat – robustness vs. fragility.
  • Curt Beckmann – update on the ONF.
  • The “Closed-Open Networking Foundation”. Is there something we can do as a community to open up the ONF a little bit?

Cisco (again)

  • onePK
    • Cisco using it internally to do rapid feature development.
    • Exposing features of a hardware device.
    • As an aside, 90% of the features in IOS are nerd knobs, but the documentation doesn’t differentiate. Shouldn’t Cisco do something about that?
  • Daylight – rumored consortium of vendors to agree on a controller platform.
    • Java-based.
    • Potentially Beacon. Assuming Daylight won’t be Floodlight-based, and assuming java.
    • It’s about all the players contributing running code that everyone benefits from.
  • If Cisco waits for customer demand to drive products and architectures, is that leadership?
  • Cisco’s hanging back on OpenFlow adoption, whereas Brocade is not. Why is that?


  • Puppet agent for Junos is great stuff. Why hasn’t this been done sooner?
  • Contrail – tunnel fabric that scales to multiple data centers, and includes L3 at the soft switch edge. Still immature, perhaps?
  • Mykonos has been rebranded WebApp Secure, because marketing matters. Or something. Still a really nifty security product.


NFV project portal at ETSI (NFV mentioned by Brent)

NFD5 free-form discussion with Cisco at YouTube (mentioned by Greg)


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