Show 144 – Open EIGRP with Russ White + Cisco’s Donnie Savage

EIGRP is a distance vector routing protocol that for many years was unique to Cisco networking environments. Created and championed by Cisco, it didn’t get any traction in the standards bodies in the early days, because there were already enough interior gateway routing protocols around according to some. EIGRP just didn’t interest enough of the right folks to get it on the standards track.

Fast forward to today, and Cisco has been able to publish EIGRP as an informational IETF draft known popularly as Open EIGRP. Two of the authors of that draft, Donnie Savage with Cisco and Russ White, join Ethan Banks on the Packet Pushers podcast for a discussion of Open EIGRP in this show.

We talk through a number of issues.

  • Why did Cisco open EIGRP up?
  • Why did Cisco hold back on stub?
  • What’s the reaction of the community been?
  • What non-Cisco vendors are interested in EIGRP?
  • Are we going to see an open-source implementation of EIGRP now?
  • And perhaps most cynically of all…what’s in it for Cisco?


Open EIGRP IETF Draft Text (

Cisco Open EIGRP Informational Draft FAQ (

Why is Cisco Bothering with “Open” EIGRP? (Anthony Burke,

Thoughts on Open EIGRP (Russ White,

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