Show 169 – Cisco FabricPath Deep Dive Part 1

Cisco FabricPath is a TRILL-based layer 2 forwarding technology that can take the place of spanning-tree. Allowing a fully-meshed layer 2 network to forward traffic across all links, FabricPath helps customers to make the most of their expensive 10GbE and 40GbE interconnects. In this show, Jamie Caesar, Colby Glass, and Ed Diaz discuss real-world FabricPath design and deployment with host Ethan Banks. There’s no one from Cisco on this show – just end users sharing their real-life FabricPath experiences.

This is part 1 on FabricPath. There is a part 2 already recorded that will be posted soon. The editing unicorns have more work to do first. Enjoy!

This show was sponsored in part by Please give them a visit. Excellent training from some of the very best in the business.

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