Show 178 – Cisco Nexus 1000v and Microsoft Hyper-V

Cisco Nexus 1000V virtual switch for Microsoft Hyper-V and integrates with your existing Nexus 1000V deployment. In this episode we talk with Appaji Malla and Balaji Sivasubramanian from the Hyper-V Product team about the following topics:cisco-ppp-show-178-hyper-v

  • Cisco and Microsoft Joint Partnership
  • N1KV for Hyper-V architecture and technical overview
  • Why customer prefer N1KV over the native hyper-v vswitch
  • Use cases for N1KV for Hyper-V
  • SCVMM Integration and Programability Aspects of N1KV – Power Shell, SCOM/SCO integration


Appaji Malla from Cisco – @appajimalla

Balaji Siva – Cisco  @balajisiva

Show Notes

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