Show 24 – Internet Exchange and Peering Points

This week we look at peering in public and private Internet exchanges and talk through a number of topics around the technology and business of Internet Exchanges.

  1. What is Peering ? Looking at Public and Private Peering, the requirement from both a technical and commercial viewpoint, Settlement Peering and the differences between Content and Eyeball Networks.
  2. What are Peering Exchanges and what are the busienss models they run. A look at comapring the commercial and non-commercial arrangements that have grown over the years.
  3. Some discussion around the politics of peering and the relationships between companies who exhcange traffic.
  4. Some interesting views on VPLS towards the end of the discussion and whether carriers are capable of delivering a sub second convergence.


Stephen Wilcox is a member of the Council of Management of the London LINX (a public Internet Exchange) for a number of years. Now working for IX Reach, Google, Renesys, Telecomplete, Opal (aka Talktalk) and VIA Networks he has been directly involved in peering for the past 12 years. I’ve been a director of the London Internet Exchange for 7 years as well as involved with other IXs in official and non official capacities in Europe and America.

Russell Heilling works for a major telco and blogs regulary. He is also available on @xchewtoyx

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