Show 33 – IPv6 It All Comes Down to Money


With the upcoming Ipocalypse it seems like time to start discussing IPv6 in detail. Although we previously covered IPv6 in Show 21 – IPv6 for the Win! Part 1 and Show 21 – IPv6 for the Win! Part 2 we think that IPv6 is big enough to have another shot.


Shivlu Jain | Twitter: @shivlu

ruhann du plessis | Twitter : @routingbits

Kurt Bales, Eintellego | Twitter: @networkjanitor

Skeeve Stevens , Eintellego | Twitter: @skeevework

Matters At Hand

Boche.Net – VMware and jumbo frames – Jumbo Frames Comparison Testing with IP Storage and vMotion

IPv6 – It’s almost here

Egypt blocking off the Internet

  • Observations, comments. Statements of the obvious.
  • Skeeve points out that at recent Internet conference Egypt wants to be able to tap all the backbone cables.
  • global prefix and it’s failure for carrier dependent deploymnt


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