Show 34 – Breaking the Three Layer Model


Tom Hollingsworth | Twitter: @NetworkingNerd

Brandon Carroll | Twitter: @brandoncarroll

John McManus | Twitter: @_johnmcmanus_

Topic 1 Juniper QFabric Announcement

Is this the point we start to re-think the 3 Layers of Network Architecture, will the future generation laugh at core, distribution and access designs. What are the implications for future designs?

Cisco response is kind of hysterical.

Greg posts about Diverging Ethernet Switch markets is

Greg’s post on controller based network sis

Topic 2 – Who’s scared of multivendor networking ?

Does anyone remember those days ? There seem to be a drive at proprietary technology around the Data Centre these days, QFabric Unified Fabric, this does not help with multivendor environments.

Topic 3 – What impact has could computing on network design for the network Design Engineer ?

I see network a bunch of cuboids linked together which allows communication between end point, I see no fluffiness here.

Topic 4 – The Last of the Bogons / Bogon begone

RT @_JohnMcManus_: BOGON updates tonight, feeling all sentimental as this should really be the last time :( bye bye BOGONS

Topic 5 – Backplanes and Frames – User Question

From: Travis Marlow

Message: Does a tagged frame stay tagged when it enters a switch and traverses the backplane? I have always wondered this and haven’t found the answer in all of my studies.

Cheesy Bogon Jokes

A Bogon walks into a bar. The Bartender says… You’re not supposed to be here!

A Bogon walks into a bar. The Bartender says….. I thought you were extinct !

A Bogon walks into a bar and says to the Bartender… Take me to your leader!


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