Show 46 – Gum Flapping Fun

We just wandered around the topics this week, talking about whatever took our fancy and taking time for some laughs. Ethan has returned to add his voice to the debate, and “Mrs Y” turns up late but more than makes up for it in a crushing review of the security industry. Again.

Rumours of Cisco ditching Linksys and Webex

chatting about Cisco’s lack of direction and focus and what our experiences are.

Cisco on the Outs With EMC, VMware?

Junosphere emulator compared with Cisco IOU (and Arista’s free offering)

This is really interesting. It’s offered as a standalone or as part of the Juniper Academic Alliance, a partnership with universities.

Mrs. Y response: I just saw this released too, virtualizing JunOS on VMWare:

OpenFlow configures OpenSwitch

– why greg thinks openflow will cross the gap

Coding Relic: Just Weld It to the Rack

There is a mantra amongst network equipment vendors: never let the customer unscrew the chassis from the rack. Replace every component with upgraded equipment, but never upgrade the chassis itself. Doing so often triggers the customer to send the whole thing out for bid to multiple vendors, and you might not win. Somebody else’s chassis might get slotted into the hole you left.

Apple tells support reps: Don’t Confirm Mac Infections

From the “OMG are you kidding me” postings for the week:

Sony PSN still vulnerable

Junosphere – a discussion from the University perspective with “Mrs Y” weighing in. At $5 per day per router it’s fine for Junos training partners, but no one else is likely to buy it – that is, anyone who isn’t totally comitted to Juniper already isn’t going to be attracted to JunOS. Why are they “nickel and diming” a competitive advantage ?

Hosts / Guests

Tom Hollingsworth | Twitter: @NetworkingNerd

Ethan Banks | Twitter: @ecbanks

John McManus | Twitter: @johnmcmanus

and last, and the very least:

Greg Ferro| Twitter @etherealmind


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