Show 49 – Cisco Nexus 1000v

A show about Cisco Nexus 1000V where we poke and prod at some of it’s inner workings.

1. Virtual Machine Networking – the Nexus 1000V VEM data plane, port profiles, etc. VSM control plane (Nexus 1010)

2. Virtual Security Gateway (VSG) – VM-level firewall for multi-tenant environments

3. VM-FEX – 802.1Qbg/h comparison – Virtual Machine – aware networking

add link to borg/big brother article on IOSHints


1. Why do we need a technology like VM-FEX? What’s the relation of VM-FEX to Adapter-FEX?

2. What’s the status of the standardization efforts?

3. HP is proposing VEPA? What’s different about what Cisco is doing?

4. Seems like there’s some proprietary stuff in VN-Link, maybe on the physical switch side? Is that the case? Can you elaborate?

5. VSG runs on vmware hypervisor. Why do we need VSG if vmware also offers vShield?

6. What about other virtual services beside firewall? Any plans for L4-7 stuff?

7. How do you get all this stuff provisioned and orchestrated in cloud environments?

IP QoS on NX1KV.

* Does it do policing or shaping on VM NICs? * How does that compare to what vSwitch is doing? * Will it get better queuing on pNIC … like ACL or QoS group classification mechanisms? * How about PFC/ETS support on pNIC (from Kurt Bales)

Ivan has blogged extensively about the 802.1Qbg / Qbh and VN-Tag in these three blog (and probably even more by now)

and a good campfire story about N1K development:

Listener Questions

We took the following listeners questions – hopefully we answered them during the show.


Ian Castleman (with donation!!) : I have N5K’s at top of rack, budget for N1KV’s, VMWare in the blade chassis and a server team I can’t convince to try UCS or HP so I’m stuck with the Dell dog awful M6220s in between them. My question for Cisco is can we still deploy the N1KVs and if so what functionality do I lose with a non Nexus “switch” in the middle. Question for you guys,any way you know of that I can get around having to have those Dell “switches” in the chassis? I’m not too familiar with the Dell range but the server guys tell me there are no pass through options that don’t result in cabling explosions..

John McManus – who should manage the 1000v switch server engineers or network engineers

Matt Keller – I’d like to know if Cisco plans to support other hypervisors such as Microsoft’s HyperV.

Matt Norwood – So do you see a bunch of N1k clones from other vendors in the future


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Name: Ivan Pepelnjak Web: Twitter: @ioshints

Ethan Banks Web: | Twitter: @ecbanks

and last, and the very least:

Greg Ferro| Twitter @etherealmind


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