Show 59 – Design Clinic 1 – Is This Virtual Whiteboard On ?

About Design Clinics

People send in their questions, we share them using an online meeting service and then use diagrams, open microphones, and lots of discussion to answer questions.

We are still working out how to hold, run and manage the Design Clinic as show. This is our second, but the first to include screen recording. Only problem is that we didn’t handle questions with diagrams until somewhere around the 40 minute mark.

We will be changing the format of future shows to be better organised, more focussed content based on the lessons learned. So please, bear with us, while we develop the show. Feedback to those attended the live event was positive about the concept and delivery – thanks for your emails.

Topics Covered

Tom had this question:

I just had a quick question regarding VTP. In L2 design, is VTP a) relevant and b) can VTP be leveraged in a campus LAN? Having gone thru CCNA and recently CCNP switch, it seems like nowadays all Vlans are local to the access switches, making VTP obsolete. is there any point to VTP other than another Cisco proprietary protocol and legacy knowledge from previous generations? Spanning Tree has enough issues without having to worry if a new VTP switch will take down ur entire network with a higher Config Register. I wonder what its real world use is (if any).

And we talked about this and the different reasons for it. During the discussing we referenced Fate Sharing, Failure Domains and Why VTP Is Awesome this blog post with different ideas on how to make VTP work for you.

The we talked about VXLAN that was announced with much hoohaa this week.

Then we look at CJ’s Question:

Attached is the physical connections of our core. We have an ASR that currently is sitting in one of our CO’s…the question is how do we design the new core network. I currently work for a Service Provider and we have SONNET and Ethernet rings. We provide MPLS to customers and also QinQ circuits.

So the questions are:

 1. Do we move some routers to the other city COs for L3 services in those cities? 

2. How do we introduce the ASR? 

3. Depending on the design of the four routers, where should we run BGP and MPLS? 

4. Anything else that comes to mind.

As always, please tell your friends, colleagues about us. Send your feedback and design questions to for future show. We can’t promise we will answer them but we will try. See Setting Up for the Next Design Clinic – A Call for Questions for some tips on how to ask questions. And think about getting a microphone headset for your computer.

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