Show 66 – VXLAN and NVGRE with Ken Duda

I wanted to know more about VXLAN and NVGRE so who better than Ken Duda from ( from Arista Networks, the only author listed on both IETF RFCS and [Ivan Pepelnjak]( on a call to go fast and loose on the topics.


What is VXLAN and why does networking need it ? How does it works, and what are it’s future impacts on networking ?

Comparing NVGRE and VXLAN and why there are two standards ? Why aren’t we using MPLS or LISP ? Cover some of the limitations ? What about lack of transparency with VXLAN packets ? What about L2 security challenges inside VXLAN networks ?

In particular, the key lesson I learned is that the control plane is open. The current implementation doesn’t specify the end point discovery and OpenFlow is a consideration here. And that VXLAN silicon is planned for the future for networking intervention in flows.


Name: Ivan Pepelnjak Web: Twitter: @ioshints

and last, and the very least:

Greg Ferro| Twitter @etherealmind


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