Show 67 – CCIE Security Track Update With Natalie Timms, Program Manager

Natalie Timms, CCIE Security Program/Product Manager for Cisco, is kind enough to spend a little time chatting with Packet Pushers podcast host Ethan Banks about the current state of the Cisco CCIE Security track. Ethan and Natalie build a conversation around the following items:

  • Talk about what Cisco is doing to help preserve the integrity of the CCIE exams.
  • Please describe at a high-level the sorts of technologies covered in the CCIE Security track.
  • The Routing & Switching track is the most popular; some CCIEs consider the Security track for their second challenge. How much technology overlap is there between R&S and Security?
  • The Security track has been at version 3.0 since about April 2009. How far away is a 4.0 track, and how much notice will we have?
  • The Cisco ASA has seen significant changes with the 8.3 and 8.4 releases. How far are we from seeing these new ASA versions implemented in the exams?
  • There’s been a lot of back-and-forth between Cisco and lab exam candidates about open ended questions and the troubleshooting section. Can you update us on where those issues stand?
  • Is Cisco working with CiscoPress to bring an updated CCIE Security Exam Certification Guide to market? If so, is there a targeted publication date?
  • What test taking tips do you recommend?


Learning at Cisco – CCIE Security Program

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