Show 70 – Preview of Tech Field Day and OpenFlow Symposium

Jeff Fry, Tony Bourke, and Tom Hollingsworth chat with Ethan and Greg about the upcoming Tech Field Day and closely tied OpenFlow Symposium events to be held in San Jose, California this week.

On Wednesday, October 26, 2011, several compelling vendors & potential customers (such as Google and Yahoo) will present their unique take on OpenFlow at the OpenFlow Symposium, the kick-off gathering for this Tech Field Day event. The Packet Pushers Podcast and Tech Field Day are pleased to be able to share this discussion with the networking community via live streaming and audio that will be captured during the event. If you’re trying to get a technical handle on the OpenFlow hype, or if you have a specific networking challenge you think OpenFlow can help solve, then be sure to join in the discussion. Ethan and Greg will be compiling crowdsourced questions to pass along to the vendors during this event via Twitter and Google Plus, so please follow us or share with us as you like. Don’t forget that Ivan Pepelnjak will also be on the panel to ask several questions of his own. Watch Twitter for the #OFS11 hashtag.

A great mix of networking vendors will present to the Tech Field Day delegation on Thursday and Friday, October 27 and 28. The list of vendors and bloggers (many of which have been on the podcast) that will be attending can be found here. As with the OpenFlow Symposium, crowdsourcing questions is definitely on our minds. As the vendors present to the delegation, you’ll be able to watch via live streaming (watch Twitter for the #NFD2 hashtag or visit for live stream info), so tweet away with your questions, aiming them at any or all of us in the room. We’ll do our best to relay those questions to the vendors, time and discussion permitting.

It’s a busy week for us, and we hope you find the networking content we’ll be able to share beneficial.

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