Show 71 – OpenFlow, SDN, Controllers, VXLAN & Wishing for Fishes

A wide ranging discussion this week following the Applied OpenFlow Symposium on Wednesday and the Network TechFieldDay on Thursday/Friday where we talked about the week and the much argued about purpose of VXLAN.

Probably much more relevant to network engineers, I talk to Ivan Pepelnjak and discuss his conversion to believing in OpenFlow/SDN after he co-hosted the event with me. Big thanks to Marko Milivojevic for being willing to ask questions that the listeners would ask ( It takes a lot of courage to ask questions like he did)

Much fun, and herd discussion occurred.

The Difference Between Network and Server Engineers – Pictorial

Link to Vimeo videos for the Vendor Presentations.

We talked about what the vendors are doing in the OpenFlow/SDN space and here are the just the vendor presentations videos from the OpenFlow Symposium. You can watch them yourself

Ed Crabbe of Google

Igor Gashinsky of Yahoo

David Ward of Juniper

David Meyer of Cisco

Kyle Forster of Big Switch Network

Don Clark of NEC

Curt Beckmann of Brocade

Ed Crabbe of Google at OpenFlow Symposium
Igor Gashinsky of Yahoo
David Ward of Juniper at OpenFlow Symposium
Don Clark of NEC at OpenFlow Symposium
David Meyer of Cisco at OpenFlow Symposium
Curt Beckmann of Brocade
Kyle Forster of Big Switch Networks at OpenFlow Symposium


Rob Markovic @vrobm

Marko Milivojevic @icemarkom |

Ivan Pepelnjak @ioshints |

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