Show 72 – How We Are Killing the Internet

Greg was invited to be a speaker at the EuroNOG conference in Warsaw Poland. While there, Greg spoke to Jan Zorz who is a major contributor to IPv6 in RIPE and IETF and involved with many large service providers for their IPv6 designs and deployment. He says about himself “A Guy from Slovenia, the IPv6 evangelist. And a lot of opinions. ”. Ivan Pepelnjak was also on hand to make sure we had everything technically correct

This is general discussion to highlight the problem with IPv6, NAT and stateful protocols such as MPLS are slowly killing the Internet. And we talk about a wide range of other stuff – well, what else is new.

This is first podcast Greg recorded using a portable recorder so the audio quality is bit patchy. It’s still good to listen to, but not up to our usual standards

Show Links

Happy Eyeballls

RFC6346 – The Address plus Port (A+P) Approach to the IPv4 Address Shortage

Slat mine supports
Wooden Supports for the Salt Mine in Cracow, Poland

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