Show 73 – Cisco ASA 1000V Cloud Firewall – Sponsored

Cisco is extending their Nexus 1000V in new directions. Not only is the Nexus 1000V a virtual switch, it acts as a platform for extending ASA firewall and security technology into your virtual environment. In this sponsored podcast, we get Rajneesh Chopra, Product Manager for the Nexus 1000V product line, to talk about how Virtual ASA maps into the product and fits into Cisco’s product strategy.

Topics Covered

  • Data path from source to destination
  • How the firewall is both in-line and indirect for application scanning.
  • Suppoer for existing procedures and firewall policies
  • Performance and capacity planning for the Virtual ASA firewall
  • comparing with vShield Edge/App as distinct firewall solutions.
  • comparing with Juniper VGW and HP Tipping Point SVF.
  • Answering the question – Wouldn’t everyone need both VSG and virtual ASA? Is there a customer for one that would never need the other?

Show Notes

Previously we covered the Nexus 1000v in Show 49 – Cisco Nexus 1000v on 21 June 2011 where we covered the internal working and product overview.

You can find more information on the Cisco ASA 1000v Cloud Firewall on these links:

ASA 1000V product page

Nexus 1000V product page

Cisco Virtual Network Management Center

And big thanks to Cisco Server and Virtualization Business Unit for sponsoring the Packet Pushers. It helps us to keep pushing out more content. !!!

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