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Introducing Aerohive , manufacturers of fine Enterprise Wi-Fi networking equipment who, believe it or not, may actually have found a use for the cloud at the same time as getting rid of wireless LAN controllers in their big boned Access Points.

After a quick introduction to Aerohive, we talk about their Branch-on-Demand product line that is being announced today. This is an interesting change from traditional branch networking because the Wireless Access Point becomes the edge router, integrates off-site (Cloud based) security functions and offer a yearly pricing plan starting at USD$99 and priced per user and providing alternatives for SSL VPN, branch office routers. Hive Manager provides visibility and control of remote sites using cloud-hosted management system which means it scales according to your needs.

Moving ahead of the rising tide of network management and visibility, Aerohive has already built a management platform that is well ahead of other organisations. Visibility and monitoring is especially important to the success of wireless networks, but for wide area networking it’s vital to the administrator to know what’s happening ‘out there’.

More Information

You can go to for more product information and and follow them on twitter at @Aerohive

More information on the Branch-On-Demand Products

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Extending your Enterprise With Branch on Demand –

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BR100 Product Page –

Cloud Platform –


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