Show 76 – Why OpenFlow Has Mind-Melting Potential

OpenFlow. Brave new world, or niche solution to a specific problem? The tool we always wanted, or the need we didn’t know we had? Replacement for the legacy data center, or special purpose player at the edge? Unicorn tears or useful technology? Greg Ferro, Ivan Pepelnjak, and Derick Winkworth join this show’s host Ethan Banks in a wide-open, back-and-forth discussion that opines about these questions and many more. For example:

  • Is OpenFlow really “open” if you have to have a license to bake it into your products? Do we care?
  • Does the ONF’s agenda limit the impact OpenFlow will have on enterprise networks?
  • Why does Cisco want to stomp OpenFlow into the ground? Or do they?
  • Why is it that some of the guys developing OpenFlow technology say that the revolution is not all about OpenFlow?
  • How is Software Defined Networking different from OpenFlow?
  • Why did the NEC ProgrammableFlow demo rock the world of the Net Field Day 2 delegates?
  • What’s Big Switch doing that gets folks running multi-tenant networks all excited?
  • Isn’t it time we stopped managing our networks one device at a time?
  • Why does OpenFlow have mind-melting potential?


Open Networking Foundation

NEC ProgrammableFlow

Big Switch Networks


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