Show 77 – Cisco Nexus 1000V and VXLAN with Han Yang and Victor Moreno – Sponsored

This time Greg Ferro and Ethan Banks chat with Cisco Technical Marketing Engineers Han Yang and Victor Moreno to discuss Cisco’s implementation of the emerging VXLAN standard (currently a draft) in the Nexus 1000V virtual switch. VXLAN is being evaluated by architects who need to scale multi-tenant networks beyond the traditional 4K VLAN limitation. VXLAN can be integrated with existing infrastructures, as it leverages IPv4 to form tunnels and multicast groups to carry broadcast traffic.

As the discussion progresses, you’ll hear the following questions addressed.

  • What is VXLAN for?
  • How does VXLAN help you to scale?
  • Who is endorsing VXLAN?
  • What are the network requirements for VXLAN?
  • Is Nexus 1000V fully integrated with vCloud Director?
  • Why is N1K integration to vCloud Director important?
  • When will Nexus 1000V with VXLAN become available?
  • Is VXLAN a data center interconnect (DCI)?
  • What are the options for a VXLAN gateway?
  • How can you do network services with N1K?
  • What is Cisco broader vision around integration with VMware and other hypervisors?


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