Show 79 – Elfiq & Link Load Balancing – Sponsored

In this sponsored podcast, we introduce Link Load Balancing – something the Packet Pushers hadn’t realised was available for Enterprise and handling multi gigabit links. We talk about what Link Balancing is, how it works, and even some of the gotchas and ‘be careful’ points when deploying. Plus some delightfully nerdy discussion about what goes on inside the box.

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Elfiq Link Balancer appliances bring the ability to deploy and manage multiple ISPs for redundancy/failover, bandwidth augmentation and management.  This approach is simple and more cost-effective than traditional methods including BGP and is fully automated.  As all organizations depend on Internet connectivity to conduct business, Elfiq Link Balancers are a natural addition to any network.

Links to More Information on Elfiq Link Load Balancers.

About Elfiq Networks

Elfiq Networks ® enables organizations to ensure business continuity and improve network performance through innovative link balancing technologies.  We have been delivering innovation and excellence since 2004, creating a unique value proposition which is used in businesses in over 120 countries all over the world.

The Packet Pushers thanks Elfiq Networks for supporting the show by sponsoring us.

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