Show 82 – Security Failures, No IPv6, No Network Management – Another Good Year


This week a bunch of new faces to talk about 2011 and it’s many failing:

  • Scott Morris – well known industry figure and CCIE trainer.
  • Chris Marget – Fragmentation Needed who works for a large reseller. And some regulars return:

Tony Bourke @tbourke [Data Center Overlords](

Hosts and Regulars

And the blow hards Mrs. Y – the Network Security Princess, Ethan “I’m looking forward to next year” Banks and Greg “IT Security got shown up as a bunch of retards in 2011” Ferro are all making noises as usual.


From Greg’s blog – is OpenFlow/SDN routing or switching?

From Chris’ blog – Pricing and Trading Networks: Down is Up, Left is Right

Is 2012 the year enterprises get serious about IPv6? (Don’t fear the colon.)

Professional certifications that matter in 2012.

2011 was the year everything we trusted in security broke (RSA, various CAs, health information breaches, financial information breaches, SSL cipher cracks). So what decisions should enterprises be making in 2012 to stay out of the headlines?

Show Notes

Show 72 – How We are Killing the Internet – where we talk about the Happy Eyeballs IPv6/IPv4 interoperability feature.

LinkedIn Group – Packet Pushers

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