Show 86 – Connect To The IPv6 Internet For Free Using

Hurricane Electric’s Owen DeLong joins Ethan Banks and Greg Ferro to discuss What’s It’s a free service from Hurricane Electric that lets you connect to the IPv6 Internet across an IPv4-only connection. Want to get started with IPv6? This is a great way to go, not only for the connectivity, but also for the IPv6 education Hurricane Electric offers.

We keep the show pretty on-topic, and cover the following information.

  • Who is Hurricane Electric?
  • In simple terms, what’s the service?
  • Are these “real” routable IPv6 address blocks HE is issuing?
  • Why is HE offering this service (a) at all and (b) for free?
  • Who is eligible to use
  • Why bother? Isn’t carrier grade NAT going to save us all?
  • There are several types of IPv6 over IPv4 tunnels. What kind of tunnel is using, and why was this type chosen over others?
  • What sorts of devices can successfully bring up an IPv6 tunnel to HE?
  • What sort of tunnel termination device is on the HE side? Is it redundant/resilient? In what way?
  • Explain the provisioning process. Is it automated or are there humans involved?
  • Once the tunnel is up, what can you do with it?
  • Can end users do anything crazy like advertise their own RIR-assigned IPv6 allocation to HE via BGP through the tunnel? Or nail up 2 tunnels to HE to have redundant virtual links for their IPv6 block?
  • What happens if the user’s IPv4 tunnel endpoint is dynamically assigned, and the address changes?
  • How does a person advertise their IPv6-enabled service with DNS?
  • What resources would you recommend for a person trying to get smart about IPv6?
  • What’s a good strategy for a business looking to do IPv6 multihoming?
  • Is IPv6 prefix translation just a lame way for carriers to get out of upgrading their equipment?


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