Show 89 – OSPF vs IS-IS Smackdown – Where You Can Watch Their Eyes Reload

In this show we discuss the the differences between OSPF & IS-IS routing protocols and the differences between them.

    • protocol optimisations are both good and bad.
    • How both protocols have poor metric generation
    • OSPFv3 offers some hope for the future.
    • QoS Based metrics in their forms – MPLS TE isn’t getting good adoption.
    • Why do vendors put 10 cent CPUs in their equipment and make using SPF protocols so hard ?


Best Quotes:

Ivan – “There is the right thing to do, which is to choose IS-IS. Then there is the best thing to do which is to choose OSPF.”

Marko: “Then you can watch their Eyes reload”

On the “Unique versus Useful”

A comparison between two routing protocols: OSPF and IS-IS – Radia Perlman – Behind the IEEE Paywall so don’t bother following the link

Multi-topology routing in OSPFv3 (MT-OSPFv3)

IS-IS and OSPF Difference Discussions – IETF DRAFT

OSPF and IS-IS : Choosing an IGP for Large-Scale Networks – Jeff Doyle


Petr Lapukhov

Marko Milovejic @icemarkom and Blog – My Network Stories

Ivan Pepelnjak –@ioshints



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