Show 90 – Talking Career with Todd Lammle

Trainer, author, and long-time network industry veteran Todd Lammle joins Ethan Banks and Greg Ferro for a chat about the good ol’ days, the days ahead, and how to make it in the networking business. Todd’s worked at some legendary companies like Atari and Xerox. He’s been around the industry for a long time, and worked hard to make a go of it. Today, he’s an independent trainer, consultant, and author. And did you know he’s never played a video game?

We have a great chat with Todd, who opines about the state of the book publishing business, e-learning, staying focused, and how to have a successful career. We hit the following topics along the way.

  • Todd, how did you get started in networking?
  • How did you transition into training and writing?
  • Luck vs. self-discipline – which is more important and why?
  • Is blogging a waste of time? What about social media?
  • Physical books vs. e-books & e-learning. Does it matter?
  • A lot of people think certifications are the answer to IT success. Are they?
  • Why has it gotten so much harder to keep up with technology?
  • What are the up-and-coming skills someone in networking should focus on to stay relevant?
  • When it is time to move on to a different employer?
  • What does cloud computing really mean for the networking industry?
  • How does someone manage to earn a certification when they also have a full-time job and a family?
  • What are some techniques to master the information required to pass a certification exam?


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